Matkasur: The Mighty Monarch of Tadoba’s Wilderness


In the heart of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve resides a majestic and formidable force of nature- Matkasur, the undisputed king of the jungle. This powerful Bengal tiger has earned a legendary reputation, captivating the hearts of wildlife enthusiasts and leaving an indelible mark on the sprawling landscapes of Tadoba.

Matkasur’s Dominance

Matkasur, named after the Matkazari region in Tadoba where he was first spotted, is a colossal presence in the tiger hierarchy of the reserve. With a striking orange coat adorned with distinctive black stripes, Matkasur’s regal stature is complemented by his impressive physical build. Weighing in at over 250 kilograms, he is a force to be reckoned with, standing as a symbol of strength and resilience in the wild.

Territorial Mastery and Legacy: 

What sets Matkasur apart is not just his physical prowess but also his territorial mastery. The tiger rules over a vast expanse of Tadoba, commanding respect from both fellow tigers and the myriad of wildlife that share his domain. His territory includes prime habitats where prey is abundant, ensuring a steady supply of food to sustain his magnificent stature. Matkasur’s legacy extends beyond his sheer dominance. He is a seasoned warrior, having successfully defended his territory against numerous challengers. His genes have contributed to the robust tiger population in Tadoba, creating a lineage that carries forward his strength and resilience. Matkasur’s descendants continue to roam the reserve, a living testament to his prowess as a provider and protector.

Noteworthy Facts About Matkasur

  • Survivor Instinct: Matkasur’s journey to dominance wasn’t without challenges. He has overcome adversities, including territorial disputes and conflicts with rival males, showcasing his exceptional survivor instinct.
  • Diverse Diet: Matkasur is known for his diverse diet, ranging from large herbivores like sambar deer and gaur to smaller prey like wild boars. This adaptability in hunting has contributed to his sustained dominance.
  • Solo Ventures: Unlike some tigers that form alliances, Matkasur is primarily a solitary hunter. His solitary ventures reflect his self-reliance and strategic hunting techniques.
  • Nocturnal Majesty: Matkasur often prowls the jungles of Tadoba under the cover of darkness. His nocturnal activities make him a fascinating subject for wildlife enthusiasts engaged in night safaris.


In the heart of Tadoba’s wilderness, Matkasur reigns supreme as the strongest and most revered tiger. His story is one of resilience, dominance, and the enduring spirit of the wild. As we marvel at Matkasur’s majestic presence, let us also appreciate the intricate web of life he represents, where each roar echoes not just his power, but the delicate balance of Tadoba’s untamed beauty.

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